• The Volcano

    Lavarock's Hawaii Blog - On 05-13-2015
    by lavarock

    Because we have had some recent activity (quakes and flows) I decided to visit the volcano tonight. Actually "visit the volcano" is a bit of a misnomer because the island is comprised of 5 volcanoes a...

  • tblog_comments


    NICKSTER - On 06-05-2015
    by nickster

    June 11th Update: Commenting had to be disabled due excess amounts of comment spam.  Additional spam prevention functionality has been implemented, and commenting is once again enabled.  Please p...

  • speed_test

    Page Caching

    NICKSTER - On 06-11-2015
    by nickster

    Server side caching has now been enabled for all users.  The cache will be cleared automatically as changes are made to your site (i.e. you edit a post, someone comments on a post, you change your...

  • 10374078_10204601793035604_2231535189395238619_n

    New Horizons, and Old Friends

    - On 06-25-2015
    by PirateGirl

    Hmm. So I've been checking in to the new tBlog off and on, and I'm not seeing very many posts by vary many familiar names. For example, today, I checked in and looked at the "New" section of posts, an...

  • image

    6-9-15 Sunny, hot, and...

    So it goes, by surrogate - On 06-09-2015
    by surrogate

    Tuesday, 7:23 a.m. Good morning from Iowa. Looks to be a hot and steamy day on tap, but I've already been working an hour and a half, meaning I've beat the heat at least on the four little jobs I'v...

  • I'm so confused.

    Rants and Musings - On 06-06-2015
    by Cutter

    Crawling right along ...at least I can actually post, now. We, tblog users, should really start a facebook group to stay in touch, as often as tblog goes down. ...now to figure out how to enable...

  • I'll get over it, eventually.

    Rants and Musings - On 05-14-2015
    by Cutter

    I just don't do very well with sudden change. I appreciate the effort of those behind the scenes. Really, I do. I just have a difficult time readjusting while things are in transition. I'm sure that t...